Membership and Educational Changes

Membership and Educational Changes

Imagine being PROUD of yourself and what you do.
Imagine having the POWER to make a difference.
Imagine being part of a PROFESSION that is progressing.

Stop Imagining---you are there!!

As an Optician you should be PROUD of the POWER you have to make a difference to people when you give them the gift of sight. Be PROUD of the PROGRESS we are making in our PROFESSION through KNOWLEDGE and EDUCATION.

In keeping with our belief in knowledge and education, the Opticians Association of Michigan has made some changes with our membership and educational seminars.

Starting in January our dues changed to $125 a year. With this, your membership will include a minimum of 4-hours of ABO education in the spring and 4-hours of ABO education in the fall at NO CHARGE to you. There will be an additional charge for our annual ABO review course, hands on classes and the MBCO test.

Whether you are an ABO certified optician or striving to become a certified optician we are hoping this new format will help to provide your educational needs.

Spring Educational - postponed until further notice

The Michigan Board Certified Optician hands-on exam is held at every Spring Educational. This hands on exam is designed to test the technical skills of opticians! The test has six (6) different parts to it which include: Neutralize & Verify Lenses, Fit & Align Eyewear, Measure for Progressive and Occupational Lenses, Lifestyle Dispense, Identify Various Lenses Designs & Options, and Troubleshoot Spectacle Lenses Problems.

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