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Vision Statement

Our goal is to improve the skills, knowledge and expertise of opticians through education, leadership and legislative representation for the visual wellbeing of the general public and the continuous growth and development of the profession of opticianry in Michigan. The OAM is committed to our community in the practice of equality with the actions of our Opticians and the needs of our patients and coworkers.

Mission Statement

To enhance the professional advancement of opticians for the benefit of the patients we serve.


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Opticians Association of Michigan

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Welcome to The Opticians Association of Michigan!

Welcome to your best resource for helpful information regarding Opticianry in Michigan. If you are a consumer or a professional in the eyewear industry, you have come to the right place.

Check out our Public Service Announcement, the animated short “WHAT IS AN OPTICIAN?” that explains what is an optician is by clicking here.

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Opticians Association of Michigan

To All Opticians in Michigan

These past few weeks have brought changes to how we live, work, and interact with everyone like never before in history.

Whether you’re an employer or employee, if you decide to close your business, go to work, limit interactions with your patients, lay off employees, or tell your employer you are not comfortable working during this crisis, it is completely up to you as an individual. 

As an optician, this is one of the few times in your career where you have to take a stand and decide what is best for you and your family.  All other considerations should be secondary.

The OAM is a volunteer organization, run by opticians, just like you, who are dealing with the same issues all opticians deal with.  We want to continue to be a resource for information for ALL opticians. 

Thank you for your support, and we pray you and your families keep in good health throughout this national crisis.



Opticians Association of Michigan

Below is the information sent out by the Opticians Association of America. We hope it will be helpful to you as you are looking for more information.

RE: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

TO: All Opticians Association of America (OAA) Members

FROM: Dibby Bartlett, President, Opticians Association of America


Our commitment to the safety and well-being of our members and their patients has long been a part of our core values and operating procedures. The Opticians Association of America is dedicated to doing our best to provide information on creating a safe and healthy working environment for our members and their patients.  While efforts to contain COVID-19 continue to evolve, OAA recommends following the suggestions published from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and implementing these proactive steps to prevent the spread of the disease in your dispensary and community.

Some offices are choosing to close their doors for a time, others have chosen tore main open.  Each office should look to the CDC, their state, community and family members for guidance on these decisions. 

Click on the bottom for the CDC guidelines recommendation on posting routine eyecare visits for the workplace.  Be prepared and stay informed on COVID-19 by obtaining regular updates at

Continuing Education Requirements:

 In response to the crisis, OptiCon, Vision Expo East, State Association meetings, and many other national and regional education seminars have been canceled or postponed.  OAA will continually update our website’s calendar (, as information is received, in order to give you the latest live education opportunities.  If your state allows online continuing education credits, there are many opportunities available for you.  OAA offers online continuing education offerings on our website ( 

With concerns for continuing education credits, please keep in mind that all opticians nationwide are in a similar situation concerning their education requirements.  When this medical crisis is behind us, OAA believes there will be ample opportunities to get those credits.  All licensed and certified professional opticians are affected by this crisis.  

For updates on certification testing, please visit 

The OAA continues to meet virtually with our committees and do the work that you have entrusted us to do (strengthen state associations, help establish new state associations, continue our branding efforts, monitor legislation, communicate with our supporting corporate partners and more).

The OAA will continue publishing our monthly eNewsletter in order to remain in consistent communication and contact with our members.  We will monitor and communicate any and all relevant information as we learn it. 

Please remember that your membership, safety and health are extremely important to us.  Stay well and stay safe.


  • Opticians Are and Will Continue To Be a Vital Component in our Healthcare System
  • The Optical Industry is Strong and Healthy
  • Americans are Resilient and Full Of Ingenuity

Opticians Spotlight

"When this first (pandemic) started back in April for us, we each thought of some of our elderly patients that may need assistance with shopping and such. I call this little lady in her 90's who still drives herself to our office to ask if we could do any shopping or anything else for her. She was shocked that we offered and was so thankful. She wrote us the kindest note with the most heartfelt message. Her daughter called us to tell us how thankful she was for us thinking of her mother."
-Kristie Scott
Greensboro, NC
"After being closed for over two months, we were trying to keep up with scheduling appointments; we are currently booked out for over a month. I was able to squeeze in a long time patient. She came in with freshly baked cookies. Half of them were regular chocolate chips, and the other half were gluten free. When she came to pick up her contacts she brought another complete batch. She said 'because you guys are the best!"
-Patty Nogay
Chicago, Illinois

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